A downloadable game for Windows

Made for Arenas of Combat - Level Design Contest, Nature Category.

Premise: Play in an abandoned Lumber Mill, where nature is slowly reclaiming the space from the man-made structures. Fight against other players in this free for all deathmatch. 

Gameplay Framework

Overarching Goal - First Player to Get 10 Kills Wins! 

Concept - During the course of a game each player can go through three phases: Sniper, Assault, and Tactical. During each phase, players must use a certain weapon and get a certain number of kills with it in order to move onto the next phase and finish first. 

Gameplay Flow

1st Phase - Sniper - Get Five Kills with a Sniper Rifle

(Weapon Switches) 

2nd Phase - Assault - Get 3 Kills with a Assault Rifle

(Weapon Switches) 

3rd Phase - Tactical - Get 2 Kills with a Pistol

(Player with 10 kills wins!)

Gameplay Intent

The idea behind switching the players weapons based on number of kills was to utilize the space in different ways. Snipers can find a good spot and locate enemies, however, while wielding a pistol you have to be more upfront and personal. As a player you have to constantly switch up your tactics if you want to come over top. It also becomes progressively harder to get your last kills, giving a chance for players who have fallen behind to try to climb the leaderboard. 


  • WASD - Move
  • Space - Jump
  • Shift - Sprint 
  • C - Crouch
  • R - Reload
  • Right Mouse Button - Aim (Only Sniper) 

Attributions to the Core Community Creators 

Shift To Sprint By: FmTrick




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